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Dave Ludenia

Dave Ludenia

Photo @Matt Staggs

Name: Dave Ludenia
Hometown: Blue Mountains Australia
Sponsors: DHaRCO, Shimano Australia, Specialized, BikeMinded, Maxxis tyres, Lusty Industries, WPL Lubricants, MTB Suspension Centre
Discipline: Any and all the biking but Enduro preferably 
Instagram: daveludenia
Favourite tune to listen to on the bike: "No Place - Rufus Du Sol" "Mysterious Girl - Peter Andre" "Even Flow - Pearl Jam" "Peace Train - Yusuf/Cat Stevens" "Follow the sun - Xavier Rudd" 

Dave LudeniaPhoto @Matt Staggs

Tell us about your self, Who you are and what makes you so rad? I'm kind of a naturalist I guess; live and love in the elements, barefoot, bare skin is where I'm most at home. My contentment comes in meaningful experiences, people, places, connections, culture and learning. Growing up riding, traveling and racing bikes has shaped a significant part of my life and experiences but by no means defines me; it's been a conduit to living and exploring the world. I'm an Engineer on the side for a crust, which allows me to play with some awesome gear in amazing places.

Dave LudeniaPhoto @Matt Staggs

Contests or just riding? Why. I have raced pretty much all my life, on and off, playing in every discipline which eventually took me around the country and world at times. Although I'm more for the adventure and experience now, there is a speed and thrill that can't be replicated riding without the clock so I'll keep competing while I can.

Dave LudeniaPhoto @Matt Staggs

What’s your all time favourite mountain biking trip? La Thuile in Italy was pretty epic, racing EWS with the backdrop of Monte Bianco; Bon!

Dave LudeniaPhoto @Matt Staggs

What do you love about riding? Riding is the ultimate freedom, such a natural and efficient motion; recreation, exploration, transportation, stimulation, meditation.. tell me a box it doesn't tick!

Dave LudeniaPhoto @Matt Staggs

What you’re most proud of achieving through riding? The connections, networks and experiences I've made over a lifetime of riding I'm most proud of, more priceless than any comp (cliche but such is the truth..). I'm proud of getting people motivated and into riding, developing their skills and sharing the thrills with them. A few race highlights would be winning the National Enduro Series in 2017 and 9th at Solo 24hr World Champs in 2010.

One tip you would give to a grom wanting to become a pro rider like yourself. Well pro might be a stretch of the imagination but I'd say if you love what yo do, and that happens to be riding, keep on doing just that.. Live, Ride and Love. Be real, balance your lifestyle and make meaningful connections, not superficial ones. Immerse yourself in nature and experiences, travel where you can and the wheels will take you on a special ride.