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Lewis Buchanan

Dharco Rider Lew Buchanan

Photo @alexridesbikes

Name: Lewis Buchanan 
Hometown: Innerleithen- Scotland 
Sponsors: Norco, Ride Concepts, DHaRCO, Enve, TRP, PNW components, Maxxis, DVO, Mudhugger, Enduro Fit.
Discipline: Enduro/DH
Instagram: @lewbuchanan

Favourite tune to listen to on the bike: 
It would have to be a mix of old school rap and current rap. Biggie small, nas, 2pac etc.

Tell us about yourself, who are you and what makes you so rad? 
Scottish lad, living the absolute dream. Racing/riding bikes has pretty much been my life. I get to surround myself with likeminded people and travel the world doing what I love. Bikes are pretty much all I know, and that’s fine with me haha. 

Dharco Rider Lew Buchanan
Photo @alexridesbikes

Competition or just riding?
I like the competition at races and the chance to push yourself and to try achieve what I work so hard for. But nothing beats just riding with a good group of friends and having a laugh trying fun lines and pushing each other. 

What do you love about riding?
I love that it can take away any stress or any things you may have on your mind. It’s a refreshing way to clear the mind for sure. 
What you’re most proud of achieving through riding? 
I think honestly seeing people stoked on my riding and content is what is awarding for me. I get a lot of positive feedback which is awesome. Trying to be as approachable as possible and having time for people. It can be tough, but In person I feel like I’m pretty outgoing with fans etc and people who just watch my stuff. 

Dharco Rider Lew Buchanan
 Photo @alexridesbikes

What's one tip you would give to a grom wanting to become a pro rider, or to someone looking to make their own path to success in the industry?
I think you have to enjoy it, ride your bike as much as you can. Your skills will improve naturally that way. make sure you smash out content/videos on your social media channels and most importantly be a good human. Be professional and have good manors, and use social media as a place of stoke and kindness, not a place to troll and cause havoc. I see too many kids doing that nowadays and it’s a shame. Sponsors look at that stuff so keep that in mind! 

Dharco Rider Lew Buchanan
Photo @alexridesbikes