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Jai Motherwell

January 27, 2019

Jai Motherwell

Name: Jai Motherwell

Age: 25 Hometown: Nil

Sponsors: DHaRCO Clothing, Yarra Valley Cycles, Groupe Sportif, Kona Bikes Australia, DAYZERO Bike and Sensis Grips

Instagram: Themothership__

Tell us about your self, Who you are and what makes you so rad? Jai Motherwell or The Mothership, 25 years old and I love bicycles. I’m an Australian Trail Builder and all round rider guy. I just love to try and keep the stoke high whenever we’re out on the bikes!

Contests or just riding? Why So for me, I’ve been on the road building trails for four years now. This makes it very difficult to compete but I love being on my bike and will race or compete if I’m in the right place at the right time! Any chance to get together with a bunch of other sweet dudes or dudettes for laps is gonna be a good time!

What’s your all time favourite mountain biking trip? Oooh, so far I would have to say my whistler trip in 2012 because it was the first time I had taken off so much time to dedicate my time to riding my bike but other than that, it would have to be my last Queensland trip. I got to shred dirt jumps, skate parks, downhill trails, flow trails and proper big bike jumps. They’ve got some wild variety up there! What do you love about riding? I just love the stoke, the shared interest and pushing boundaries to get that hit of adrenaline.


Whats one tip you would give to a grommet wanting to become a pro rider? Well I’m far from pro but my advice would be to make sure you keep having fun, be patient and stay humble!