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AMB reviews the Tech Tee

November 16, 2014

AMB reviews the Tech Tee

AMB reviews our Tech Tees.

A bit of what they had to say:

"The Tech Tee is soft to touch, and the women’s cut is flattering: fitted without feeling clingy. It has a little extra length that’s perfect for riding and for girls who are a little taller than average. I couldn’t wear any other casual t-shirt I own on a ride without revealing most of my lower back, but had absolutely no worries keeping it under wraps in the DHaRCO Tech Tee. Hooray!

A staunchly dedicated jersey and bibs girl, I was surprised to find that I actually enjoyed riding in my Tech Tees, especially in hot weather, when I generally teamed my favourite black ‘J’Adore Rouler’ tee with purple DHaRCO gravity shorts."

Link to full article.