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FLOW MTB tests our Gravity Shorts

FLOW MTB tests our Gravity Shorts

Flow tests DHaRCO's new Gravity Shorts. Great review of the new shorts from the FLOW crew.

Here's a snippet of what they had to say:

"What we like about the DHaRCO Gravity Shorts is their simplicity – they aren’t covered in vents and zippers, and they’re sold liner-free so you can wear them with your favourite knicks. For us, this is a plus as it keeps the price down and we always end up riding with bib knicks under our baggies. DHaRCO are quick to emphasise that their shorts are built for Australian conditions (i.e. warm weather), and as such they’re much lighter, more breathable and feel far less bulky than a lot of baggy shorts. So often, baggies feel like something a commando would wear into battle, but these shorts feel more like a nice pair of boardies."

Link to full article here.