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Nikon x DHaRCO x Garigal MTB Club Workshop Action Shoot

Nikon x DHaRCO x Garigal MTB Club Workshop Action Shoot

Capturing the Thrill!   

Last month, we created a workshop event in collab with @nikonaustralia and @garigalgorillas - a MTB Club from Sydney, AUS - with the purpose to connect MTB enthusiasts with creative ones. The spots were limited so everyone could have a quality time learning the new skills. 

Led by Nikon’s ambassador Mark Watson @inciteimages - well known in Action Sports Photography - the day started with Mark running a Photography 101 guide: How to set up a DSLR camera, the different types of camera, the exposure triangle, and some basic composition tips.

After that, it was time for the fun stuff! Everyone has got their cameras out - provided by Nikon Australia - and DHaRCO has invited some of their local ambassadors to join the event, like Benson Archer, Tom Wrigley, Jadon Wilson, Leroy Leslie, Leyla Sharman and other riders from the community.       

Despite the high temperature during that day, everyone had a great time riding bikes and taking great photos. The participants had cold drinks and food provided by the event organisers.

After the end of the event, the Photographers had extra couple days to review their shots and make it fit the rules for the “Photography Contest”. Our team have already picked the best ones and we have the winners announcement below:

1. David @highside_photography
2. Willie @williekrause
3. Andrew @ajgreenphoto

A big shout-out to everyone who showed up and made this day truly awesome. We are expecting to have more events like this one in the future. Stay tuned for more info.