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'NO ORDINARY LIFE' PODCAST EP 6 | Caleb Holonko - Go big or go home

'NO ORDINARY LIFE' PODCAST EP 6 | Caleb Holonko - Go big or go home

This episode is special for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it’s the last episode of the year! With that, we wanted to thank you for taking the time to listen to this podcast. This podcast was created to give everyone more insight into the lives of some of the most interesting people in the bike world, and to see that we have people listening in and enjoying the shows means a whole lot.

The second reason this podcast is special, is because of the guest. Caleb Holonko is a name you might have heard bouncing around the bike world this year. His latest edit ‘Lights Out’ sees him gapping the infamous rock lily gap in Canada and backflipping the world-renowned whistler train gap.

He is more than just a stunt man, though. He is heavily involved in building trails, so much so that it’s taken him all the way to Red Bull Rampage as a builder. Social media is a tool for him, just like any other athlete nowadays, but it’s just that, a tool, and it’s easy to see that at any moment he’d be more than happy to swap that tool for a shovel.

I hope you enjoy this episode of No Ordinary Life, a podcast by DHARCO. Caleb is someone who definitely deserves your attention.

This is the final episode for 2022. It’s been a huge year for us, and once again, we’re stoked to keep seeing so many riders out there who are getting outside, making new friends, enjoying nature and making a positive impact on the world around them. If you’re doing all that while wearing leopard print pants or tie dye jerseys, then that’s a huge bonus for us.

We’ll see you next time, and we hope you have a great holiday period.

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